Car Shipping

Top Advice and Best Tips

When it comes to car shipping not all companies are created equally. Below are common tips that you may want to take into consideration prior to hiring any car shipping company. The more you know, the greater assurance there will be that your move is safe and stress free.

  • Confirm that the transport company is registererd under the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation)
  • Be certain the rate you are paying includes insurance for the vehicle.
  • Get all services in writing so that there is no possibility of confusion or added fees that were not discussed up front.
  • Ask for the option of a cancellation clause in the contract. As per the clause, if in any situation they fail to render their end of the contract and do not turn up to pick up your car as per the schedule, you can ask them for a full refund.
  • Prior to the loading your car be sure to inspect it for every existing scratch, abrasion, defect or interior imperfections.
  • Following the unloading, inspect the vehicle once again. If you observe any additional abrasions to the vehicle that were not present at the time of loading, have them added to the bill of lading certificate. This will assist as proof or evidence in the event that you require reimbursement from the car transport company.
  • Always try and receive a daytime delivery to ensure enough daylight to properly inspect your vehicle.

Car Shipping

Make The Right Choice

If your ever in the situation where you have to hire a car shipping service the above tips can be helpful in locating the right company. Additional factors to take into consideration are cost, fees and customer reviews.

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