Transporting Vehicles

You have your quotes and you’re ready to make a decision on a company to provide you with the transport service. Which type of car carrier do you need to use you might ask? You could choose to ship with an “Open Carrier” which is most prevalent and widely used in the business. This will be the same type of an option that you may have noticed while driving on the major highways. Many times you can load from 9-13 cars on these trucks which makes them convenient. They are really cost effective for long hauls across the country. The other option you need to consider is using an “Enclosed Carrier.” This is mainly a more private way to move your car and of course safer. These trucks are smaller and hold a few less cars normally. The nicest of the group of enclosed carriers will have hydraulic loading ramps to accommodate even the most modified vehicles. Your vehicle will be completely enclosed and out of the elements. This is why you normally see the more expensive cars riding in them. If you choose this option you can expect to pay around 30-40% more for this service. Some swear by it but it’s not for everyone of course.

Once you have these carrier options figured out then you should discuss the scheduling and time frames with your car transporter. You want to be sure your shipment will be picked up on time. Take note of the weather conditions along the route so you can add some time to deal with snow storms or road congestion and any non standard road conditions. It’s common to get a time frame versus an exact delivery date because many times the auto transporters cannot predict the future. Things happen so be prepared. Normally, our partners are ahead of schedule but we like to take the conservative approach.

Whether Mike the owner is picking up your car or you are using one of our partners within the shipping network you will be in good hands. If you have any more questions please contact us.