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Mike Singleton is the owner of Cartransport.org. Mike started his career in auto transport in 1987 while working for his father in the auto shipping business. In a recent article Mike was quoted saying “I road alongside my father as a young boy, heck I was raised around auto transport carriers.” So shipping is in his blood. In 1990 Mike purchased his first semi trailer and began loading and unloading cars 55 hours a week. Talking to the customers and making them happy was his reward. Mike continued to expand the business year after year forming many relationships with car dealerships and auction houses.

In 2010 Mike expanded his operation further with the creation of Cartransport.org. This allowed him to ship more cars per week and also network with other local carriers in all 50 states. Cartransport.org specializes in door to door transport with a “white glove” approach. Service is first and that means honesty and integrity are at the forefront when working for a client.

Customers find our site simple to use and convenient. We have a helpline setup to address you questions because we know people want answers fast and they don’t like to wait. Mike and the boys will be glad to ship your everyday car, exotic or whatever you may have, just give them a call. They can provide open carriers and also enclosed transport services. If his crew is not in your area we will get you some comparable rates from our partners.

If you would like some referrals or testimonials please call us or send an email. We have plenty of clients that can inform you of their car shipping experiences with us.


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Mike Singleton is the owner of CarTransport.org, you can find more information on his Google+ Profile


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We will be posting several articles that were recently written about Mike and Cartransport.org so please stay tuned.